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"a kick to the gut... sneery... imposing power crunch guitar" -- SPIN Magazine

Hobart W Fink is indie grunge rock with a disaffected punk aesthetic. Lead singer/guitarist Jayk Gallagher blends touches of X, Sonic Youth, Queens of The Stoneage, and Dead Kennedys with such disparate influences as Elliott Smith, Nirvana, and Ben Gibbard. The sound is characterized by crystalline vocal harmonies emerging from gutsy garage rock with sharp transitions and eclectic song structure. (Bass: Jessy Jamboree, Drums: Brett Finn)

BOYFRIEND, the new single from THE POST HUMMUS EP which releases Fri 13th November, is the first offering since Hobart W Fink's last album debuted on KROQ Rodney On The Roq, and on Buzzbands KCSN. Also playing on KJEE, KEDG, WEQX, KCR, and over 100 other stations, the album charted top 10 on KKBB charts and top 20 on FMQB charts, debuting #174 on CMJ. Two songs were selected for placement in the cult hit "Sharknado 2" and it's sequel "Three Headed Shark Attack".

"indie punkers Hobart W Fink play lots of mosh-worthy licks" - CMJ

The new EP is a collab between Burger Records imprint Wiener Records, and LA indie label All Scene Eye. Recorded and mixed by Chris Kasych (Wavves, Phantogram, Vampire Weekend, Haim, P!nk, Santigold) on a vintage '74 Neve board and mastered by Alex DeYoung (Macy Gray, NOFX, Pennywise). THE POST HUMMUS EP features Desperate Housewives star and futures-trader wunderkind Rachel Fox on guest vox.

"heavy riffs and bonecrunching sound packs the punch of a machine gun blast" -- PureVolume

"Snotty and rambunctious, the band takes guitar jangle ... to hyperspeed ... belting out glorious hopeless romantic prose. ... a power pop detonation. The punk punches just keep on coming. ... The best ... songs you will listen to this year." -- Selective Memory

"The relationship tensions on ["Back and Forth Forever"] run ... deep as ... Jayk Gallagher and [former co-lead singer] Lauren Lakis trade off vocals and harmonize in some of rock’s fine traditions (think X, Sonic Youth and the Pixies ...) That ... [they] set their makeup/breakup to tasty indie/punk/’90s alternative licks make the audio voyeurism even better." - Buzzbands LA

"robust ... hard-driving indie-rock, spiked with ’90s-style riffage, tempo changes and twining boy/girl vocals" -- Buzzbands.LA

"How can you not adore ... Hobart W Fink" -LA Record

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"Hobart W Fink has risen through the ranks of the LA music scene at an incredibly fast rate. ... From newcomers to veterans without losing any of their hunger." -- Hunnypot Radio

"Back And Forth Forever" is straight-forward, unabashed rock with just a hint of irony. Hobart W Fink delivers their fun, no-frills brand of garage rock which treads the line between punk and grunge, apathy and enjoyment. (Noe Santiago on Bass, AJ Brown on Drums.) Buzzbands LA called Hobart W Fink's single and music video for SO MANY LOSERS, released in June, "Smashing!" and The Deli LA called it "hard hitting and fun"

"Dynamite" - Radio Free Silverlake

"raw and sophisticated ... a trip back to the 90s ... their voices work together flawlessly in harmony ... get ready to headbang ... high energy performance" -- Moxipop

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"Their unpretentious, straight forward approach to indie rock keeps us coming back for more" ... "hard-hitting and fun" ... "a promising start to the group's forthcoming full length expected this August in conjunction with a Tuesday night Residency at Harvard & Stone" -- The Deli LA

"weirdness... tempo changes and crunchy guitars ... shouted vocals ... a grungy dirty sound ... 90s violent and aggressive riffs" --Rock NYC Live & Recorded

"You won't be able to look away" - The Deli LA

"Dynamite" - Radio Free Silverlake "A doozy" - Radio Free Silverlake

"... relentless... intensity never flagging during any of the shows I've seen, their stamina is awe inspiring." - Radio Free Silverlake

Rocking SXSW parties and shows all over California, including headlining slots at Echo Park Rising, Make Music Pasadena, Venice Music Crawl, Buzzbands.la Chinatown Nights and other festivals, and opening for national acts like Good Riddance at The Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara, the band debuted at The Satellite, killed residencies at Harvard and Stone, Casey's, and Lot 1, and has played The House of Blues LA, The Roxy, The Viper Room, The Echo, The Bootleg, The Satellite, Harvard and Stone, The Smell, El Cid, The Virgil, The Mint, Silver Lake Lounge, Casey's Irish Pub, The Airliner, Central SA+PC, The Lexington, Kaos Network, Echo Country Outpost and many more. HWF has toured to San Diego, Long Beach, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Austin, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and more. HWF has garnered rave reviews in CMJ, Buzzbands.LA, The Deli Magazine, Moxipop, Artist Direct, LA Record, Emerging Indie Bands UK, Radio Free Silverlake, The Scenestar, and many international press sources.

HWF's songs have played on over 100 radio stations across the country, including KROQ, KCSN, KXLU, KCR, IndependentFM, KJEE, KEDG, WSCA, WVMM, CHMR, KHOL, KRFP, KSDB, KTCU, KTXT, KXTR, WGLS, WIDR, WMHB, WVMM, KXRN, KJEE, WCHZ, WKZQ, WPNH, YNOT, and many more.

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HWF's single Final Fantasy 7, was released 11-12-13, with an accompanying video released 12-12-13. The video, shot on location in Peru and New Orleans, and featuring such locations as Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Bourbon Street, Colca Canyon, Arequipa, The French Quarter and MORE, was released December 10 in a headlining show at The Echo in LA with Missing Teen, Vision, and Cobalt Cranes, beginning a California tour to Lestat's in San Diego, Bull Bar in Long Beach, Bananas in Leimert Park, The Lexington, and a massive warehouse party in DTLA.


"straight-forward, unabashed rock with just a hint of irony. Hobart W Fink delivers their fun, no-frills brand of garage rock which treads the line between punk and grunge, apathy and enjoyment" - Groundsounds.com

"Dirty, grungy sounds... garage rock with indie vibes... blends nicely with today's alternative scene." -- The Echo

"Final Fantasy 7 is a biplane over the Pacific bathed in an endless stream of sunshine. A haunting riff blends with undulating guitars over sun-streaked waves, as Jayk Gallagher and Marie Bollinger's crooning tones carry the listener into a tranquil space that nonethless rocks. The breakdown is unabashed grunge, featuring guitar licks reminiscent of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins over rough, sparkling distortion, with voices intertwining in a crescendo of escapism. With lyrics that speak of letting go of control, and inhabiting the relief of the present moment, Final Fantasy 7 is a welcome respite from the doldroms of repetitive rock, a breath of ocean air that cuts right through the LA smog." - Groundsounds.com

"Got it! Are you feeling the Fink?" - Artist Direct

"naturally infectious indie grunge rock" - Groundsounds.com

"There is undoubtedly a capable songwriter involved in the band, as the stylized compositions have a tonality which keeps the audience in full focus and whilst easy for the ear to engage with, the tracks are far from easy to play as tempos switch up and down, along with keys, whilst retaining an animate flow." - Emerging Indie Bands

"Their new video is as fun as the song. Both video and track have a summer irreverence that is infectious. Both make me want to quit my job for the summer." - Syffal.com

"The video .. makes for one heck of a travelogue; it was filmed ... in Peru and in New Orleans, as if the song isn’t escapist enough." - Buzzbands.la

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"The music is garage rock at its core; but with a keen sense of dynamics and melody Hobart W Fink have created a sound that slots in nicely with today’s alternative rock scene. ... sets the band apart from their contemporaries ... Hobart W Fink is a fine act to listen to, and they keep things simple and dirty like any fine band should do." - Indie Music

"A mixture of contrasts ... A deep, heavy sound ... The raggedness of grunge with the proficiency of blues." - Sound Of Confusion

"snappy jammy jams" ... "snazzy snaz rock" ... "I love you, I lust you, I hate you, I want you" - Syffal.com

"Razor sharp harmonies atop ... eclectic ... influences. ... Gutsy, grungy, and raw. A fast paced edgy rock tune that never takes itself too seriously." - The Deli LA

"If you're in the mood for rock... you definitely want to hear... Hobart W Fink." - Ground Sounds

"Something to blow the ... cobwebs away. ... Between blues and grunge." - SoundsXP

"The purposeful lofi crunch of garbage dump drums introduces thick, hairy guitars sliced by a distorted vocal. 'Moment you just be yourself's the moment they will leave,' declaims Jayk Gallagher of Hobart W Fink. Co-lead singer Marie Bollinger and Gallagher's voices intertwine with clarity within the post-grunge milieu. The consistent, conscious contradictions offered by the lyrics and sound underscore both the potential discomfort of success and the refreshing nature of this debut single."

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